COVID-19 testing is performed on a daily basis.

The limits are warranted in order to stop COVID-19 and its highly transmissible Omicron version from spreading. Our CBC News teams had to produce confirmation of vaccination and negative pre-arrival PCR tests in order to cover these Games.   When our journalists arrived at the airport, they were greeted by …

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Movement is restricted.

From the minute they land until they depart, every journalist’s movements will be restricted. Our teams enter what is known as a “closed loop” system as soon as they arrive. Journalists are only permitted to travel from the airport to the hotel, as well as to sporting events and broadcast …

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How CBC News will cover the Beijing Olympic Winter Games

Teams from CBC News are in Beijing, ready to bring you the stories that will define the Games. If past events are any indication, our journalists will cover triumph, loss, inspiration, dedication, and nationhood, not to mention speed and achievement on both ice and snow, all while reporting on the …

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‘Testing gives me confidence.’

Ailsa Jones, a mother of three from NSW, said her children had lost out on a lot of face-to-face learning due to the pandemic and that she was glad they were returning this week. “I can see the children lagging behind in their reading. They don’t get the same one-on-one …

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A major setback for Beijing: a Chinese scientist defected to the United States, bringing with him the secrets of the DF-17 hypersonic missile.

A cricket-obsessed Chinese rocket scientist from the Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) has defected to the United States, bringing with him the secrets of the hypersonic glide vehicle, a weapon that Washington has been attempting to create. According to reports, the scientist is involved in the creation of a …

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Over 8,900 students will take the FSFE.

From tomorrow, a total of 8928 Year 13 students will take the Fiji Seventh Form Examination in 169 locations around the country. Premila Kumar, the Minister of Education, claims that the schools have made the necessary steps to guarantee that tests are conducted in accordance with COVID safe guidelines. This …

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