The Socialists in Portugal have won a majority in a quick election.

Against all odds, Portugal’s center-left Socialists gained an overall parliamentary majority in Sunday’s snap general election, giving Prime Minister Antonio Costa, a proponent of balanced public accounts, a strong new mandate. The outcome, which was aided by a higher-than-expected turnout despite the coronavirus epidemic, came as a shock after the …

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Emergency vehicles are causing concern.

  The RCMP had previously expressed worries regarding emergency access to Coutts, but an ambulance arrived early Sunday to guarantee that it could enter the area. On a dirt road, the vehicle can enter the settlement. “They’re able to get into town,” RCMP Cpl. Curtis Peters said, “but it’s not …

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Ottawa citizens are feeling the effects of a weekend of protests.

For the past four days, Ottawa’s downtown core has been filled with the sound of screaming horns and chanting crowds, and with protesters and transport trucks choking off access, many residents are beginning to feel the affects. Late Friday afternoon, the demonstration, which was centered in the parliamentary complex, began …

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