Here at TechFolder we are a team who is passionate about the online streaming since more than ten years ago. We used to watch movies and series online since we were young because, same as today, it’s hard to find something great to watch on Tv and to have the perfect timing with their broadcast schedule. Besides the fact that my favorite movie or show was always running at hours when I wasn’t available, there were also too many ads enough for me to lose my interest while waiting for the movie to start again. At that time, I was very glad that some people were recording the Tv broadcast and then publish it on internet so I can watch whatever I want, when I want, without having to be in the front of the Tv at a specific hour or to endure all the long advertising from the Tv channel.

At the beginning, there were no premium streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ or Disney+. Even if Netflix exists since 1997, they used to rent DVDs and in 2007 when they created the online streaming app, nobody heard about it and even if you knew it existed, it was way too expensive for the majority of people. Netflix became popular worldwide just a few years ago, around 2016, and today their subscription is still expensive for many people especially from poor countries. The rest of the paid platforms came later in this streaming niche and I still don’t have them on my radar because it’s stupid for the normal user to pay for like 6 subscriptions monthly to get access to a part of all the movies and tv series.

Therefore, I used to watch my stuff only on free streaming sites like 123Movies, ProjectFreeTV, PutLockers, SolarMovie, YesMovies, FMovies and all the other sites from that time. Even if today Netflix is the most popular streaming platform and you have to pay every month to have access on it, there are still a lot of people around the world who are watching movies and series on the free sites because of multiple reasons. Either they can’t or don’t want to pay a Netflix subscription and another 5 subscriptions on the other platforms to be able to watch all the content and just the fact that you have to browse through 6 streaming platforms to find your favorite film while you can get it for free, all in one place, with sites like 123Movies.

Because we know the need of people to find out which sites they can choose these days to watch movies and series online for free, we are permanently testing and reviewing pretty much all the streaming sites and we are posting our lists with recommendations on TechFolder. There are thousands of free streaming sites and you have to be careful when you choose one of them. For the majority of people is difficult to know which website they should trust, which one is great, which is safe and that’s why we are here, using our experience of more than ten years with this kind of streaming sites and we are ready to offer you the best picks of sites like 123Movies, PFTV, Vidics where you can watch movies and series online free.