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We are currently living rough times and the majority of us are kinda trapped in our own homes and we have to make our time to pass faster until the lockdown will end and we will be able to enjoy life again. Until them, we have to find activities that will keep us busy and entertained while staying at home.

One of the most popular things that many people are doing this period is watching movies and tv series. Now you probably have more free time than ever and it’s time to check out your list with “Watch Later” and to view every piece from your list. Maybe you thought a long time ago about that great tv show that you never had time to watch because there are too many seasons and episodes? Now it’s finally time to watch it.

A lot of people don’t want to pay for a Netflix subscription because they don’t have all the movies and series available, they have different content for every country and very often you will have to pay for like 5 more subscriptions to Amazon, HBO, Hulu, Apple TV+ or Disney+ if you want to have full access to all the content. This is stupid and you can’t pay this amount of money every month while you can watch anything for free on a normal streaming site. If you don’t know which are the best free streaming sites, check out the list below because these are our recommendations.


Probably the most popular streaming site in the world with multiple records, 123Movies started many years ago just like any other streaming site from that time but somehow managed to grow a lot and became visited by almost a million of people everyday which is huge compared to any other sites from this niche. In 2017, the original 123Movies.to has been shutted down by the Vietnamese Government due to the pressure coming from Motion Picture Association of America. However, this wasn’t a problem because the same site returned in a short time with a new name. Today 123Movies is still up and running and it might become your favorite streaming site if you try it.

123 movies


Vidics is a great streaming site which is also pretty old and with a lot of experience in the online streaming niche. Even if Vidics is, as we said, a great website, it never managed to become popular as its competitors. The reason might be their old design which was old-fashioned and people preferred to choose something else. Now the things have changed and Vidics is a completely new website with a modern design and improved database so you should check it out.

vidics movies


ProjectFreeTV has been created 10 years ago and it used to be the most popular tv series streaming website. PFTV had the perfect timing when it was created because this happened a short time after another big streaming site was closed and there were millions of people who were looking for an alternative and they suddenly came across ProjectFreeTV. That’s how it became popular the first time and successfully managed to maintain itself in tops because it always offered great quality tv shows and an enormous amount of content available for free without registration. ProjectFreeTV might still be the best place where you can watch tv series online.

projectfree tv


CipFlix is the ultimate streaming site. Has been created recently, like a few months ago, and it is a real phenomenon. It is already very popular and all the articles are including it because it’s new, fresh and revolutionary for the streaming niche. That’s also the reason why we are writing about CipFlix. It is offering probably the best quality movies and series from the whole internet and there is no doubt why so many people love it. You must take a look on CipFlix because it won’t disappoint you!

cipflix movies


YesMovies is worldwide known for it’s massive collection of movies and tv series. Pretty old streaming site, very special at its time because it came with a new design in a period where all the streaming sites were looking the same, that’s how YesMovies remained in my memory. It is not the greatest website but it might be a good choice when you are looking for an alternative to watch your favorite movies and shows online.



FMovies was never the most popular streaming website in the world but it successfully maintained itself in top for the last years, being a free source of movies and tv series accessed by hundreds of thousands monthly. It has a database with around 10.000 movies and 50.000 episodes available in HD quality and if you like their personalized interface it might become your favorite place to stream movies.



SolarMovie is a veteran in our list, created way before the other streaming sites, with the exception of ProjectFreeTV because both of them were created pretty much in the same time. The popularity of SolarMovie decreased a lot in the last years because they continued to keep their old fashioned design theme. At the beginning of this year, SolarMovie finally decided to do something about it, has been through a little rebrading, improved all the stuff about their website and now it starts to gain popularity again. You can check it out and tell us your opinion about the new version of SolarMovie.


PutLockers, one of the most popular streaming site who used to be visited by millions of people. These days for sure the interest in PutLockers has decreased but there are still lots of visitors who access this website everyday in order to watch their favorite movies and series. Even if PutLockers is an old streaming platform, it managed to always update itself and it really looks like a modern website with eye-catching color scheme and cool features that you should find out.


Movie4k is a very special streaming website because it is offering the highest quality video players we’ve ever seen. Even if their name suggests the 4k quality it is not really that great because none of the free streaming sites in the world are providing such a great quality at this moment. However, it is still a good website because all their files are streamed in Full HD 1080p quality which is enough for the majority of smartphones, computers and even Tvs. Check out Movie4k and tell us your opinion in the comments section.


PrimeWire is worldwide known for being the best source of free tv series in the last years. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are visiting PrimeWire everday. They are special because managed to develop a system that publish automatically all the newest released episodes from many tv shows. Very often they are publishing the latest episodes even before the big Torrents sites and this is so amazing, we don’t know how the hell they are able to do that and you should check it out.

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