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WatchSeries is one of the oldest streaming websites in the world with probably the biggest databse of tv shows that you’ve ever seen on a free streaming site. It used to be the most popular platform in the world and it never disappointed its visitors. It offered high quality movies and tv shows for so many years and for sure it was beloved and trusted by millions of people worldwide.

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Unfortunately, WatchSeries decided to say goodbye to us recently. Since then, so many people were left without their favorite place to watch movies and series online and they are looking for an alternative. We know there are millions of users all around the world who are searching for the best episodes free and this is the reason why we’ve written this article with 10 sites like WatchSeries where you can keep watching movies and tv shows even if this big website has been closed.


Project Free TV is one of the most important and trusted sources for online tv series. It is even older than WatchSeries and it managed to remain online, up and running, for a very long time while earning millions of fans worldwide.

ProjectFreeTV started only as a tv shows website but along the years it extended until the point when their collection currently includes more than 15.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 60.000 episodes which is absolutely huge for a free site. If you are looking to replace the old WatchSeries site then PFTV might be the perfect alternative, check it out!


PrimeWire is also a very great streaming website which was initially focused only on tv shows. You can observe there are more sites in our recommendations list that had a similar strategy at the beginning, publishing just tv series and then reaching the point where they started to also post movies.

We are not sure why this happens, but it’s great to see that PrimeWire is still online after more than ten years and it’s still offering an impressive amount of movies and series available for free in high quality without registration. They are publishing the latest released episodes everyday so stay tuned if you want to watch the newest stuff.


There we have another giant streaming platform based on tv series only. The original TVMuse was also closed, but right after it appeared PrimeWire and also many cloned sites for TVMuse that are keeping this brand alive.

They are using an unique platform compared to the rest of the streaming sites and it’s very special and nice to see when a site is coming up with something different. On TVMuse you can watch all your favorite movies and series for free and there is no need to create an account or to pay anything because it’s all free.


LetMeWatch is a not so popular new streaming site. Even if not so many people ever head about it, we really appreciated their work and that’s the reason why it is included in our article. Even if it’s a new site, it already gathered under its roof a very big quantity of movies and tv series online free.

As far as we seen, LetMeWatch is only publishing high quality productions and they are using very fast loading servers. It was nice to see that when you play a movie on LetMeWatch it starts running automatically without buffering and you don’t have to wait at all. You should visit it too and say your opinion.


Series-Craving is another not so popular streaming site that was left in the shadows for some time and now it deserves your attention. Even if Series-Craving is not enjoying too much popularity, it is a very qualitative streaming platform which is always posting the latest released movies and tv series online for free.

They also started many years ago with only a tv shows database but now their collection includes more than 10.000 movies besides all the episodes. The major advantage of Series-Craving is the fact that they are not using any advertising system on this platform so you can have a smooth ad-free experience while watching movies and series on this site.


TVLinks used to be one of the most important sources for tv shows in the past. With more than 8 years on experience in the streaming industry, TVLinks was beloved by millions of people worldwide who choosed this platform to be their favorite place to watch movies and series.

Unfortunately, the popularity of TVLinks started to decrease a lot during 2019 and now it is not so visited anymore. Even so, TVLinks keeps publishing new movies and episodes everyday and we mentioned them here because we really want to help them grow again. It is a really trusted website that passed the test of time so please check it out because you won’t be disappointed by its quality.


CouchTuner is a free streaming website with thousands of movies and tv shows in HD quality available for free without registration. This is not a bad site either a perfect one, it’s the most decent straming platform. It is offering HD quality movies and series, they are updating their database regularly and there aren’t any bugs or technical errors on their website which is very good.

CouchTuner has some advertising on it so we recommend you to use an adblocker because it will make your experience more enjoyable. Though, it’s a good streaming platform and it might be a really good choice when you are looking to replace WatchSeries.


GoMovies has already more than 5 years of experience with the online streaming of movies and series. It is using a design inspired by 123Movies but with a lot of custom modifications to make sure you can’t confuse it. GoMovies is a very easy to use and qualitative platform and it’s a pleasure to watch movies and shows here.

This website is mainly focused on adding new movies everyday but also you can find a bunch of tv shows from all times that you can enjoy for free in HD quality without registration. In fact, all the sites presented in our list are very good alternatives for watching movies online but you have to check them all out and decide which one works better for you.


123Movies is definitely the giant from our list of sites like WatchSeries. 123Movies is the most popular website ever created and it used to have more than a million visitors everyday in its best times which is absolutely huge for this kind of platforms.

The popularity of 123Movies started to decrease in 2017 when it had a few problems but however it is still one of the most visited sites worldwide. It has a database with about 12.000 movies, 2000 tv shows and 50.000 episodes and people from all around the world can watch this content free without paying anything and also there is no need to register.

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The design of the website is very simple and intuitive so there is no need for a how to watch tutorial on 123Movies. It has been voted many times by a lot of publishers as being the greatest streaming platform so we are sure you won’t be disappointed of it. 123Movies only publishes Full HD movies and tv series and it is probably the best site like WatchSeries.


FMovies is the next most popular streaming site after 123Movies. Even if it started just like any other small streaming platforms with only a few movies published, it managed to become one of the most beloved sites in the world thanks to their hard work along many years.

FMovies is newer than the majority of streaming sites from our list but however it’s one of the most accessed one, with almost 7 millions of people who are searching for this brand every month on Google, plus many more on other search engines. FMovies enriched their initial collection of movies and now it represents one of the most important streaming sites in the world that is offering a huge variety of movies and series that can serve all the tastes.

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The content published on FMovies benefits of HD quality, English subtitles, can be watched on very fast loading video players without being necessary to create an account. Also, there is no advertising on FMovies so you can have the best experience while watching movies here without being bothered by any annoying pops and ads. You only have to take a look on FMovies for a few minutes and for sure you will fall in love with it and you will forget about WatchSeries or any other sites.

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