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With movie streaming platforms at the rise, everyone wants to understand which sites offer the first-class services. These days, nearly everyone owns a device to flow online movies and tv shows. The most effective disadvantage to most streaming structures is the subscription price. Thanks to Putlocker, you may watch limitless movies and TV shows totally free. But what occurs whilst Putlocker is completely restrained for your area or worse, close down?

In this article, permit’s discover all there is to know about Putlocker and its alternatives. So you can still revel in several free movie streaming sites without paying a single cent.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is one of the most popular movie streaming platforms. It is mostly accessed for watching TV series, films, documentaries and others for free. Founded in 2012, Putlocker is registered under the domain name “putlocker.com“. There is hardly any other free streaming platform that has a massive movie selection. Therefore, if you are an avid binge watcher and movie aficionado, Putlocker is your perfect companion!

The best thing about this site is that it doesn’t only have old movies and TV shows. It also has a wide range of movies that are newly released from cinemas. In terms of variety, you have an unlimited list of the best movies with different genres to watch. Another highlight of Putlocker is that you don’t need to use your credit card to enjoy its service. Everything you access in Putlocker is absolutely free of charge.

Since Putlocker has gained large popularity, it has a properly–mounted separate fan base. At some point of 2012-2016, Putlocker gained online traffic of approximately 1.6M visits per day. Because of growing reputation, many ISPs tried to dam get right of entry to to Putlocker. As a end result, the Motion picture Affiliation of the united states and the Police highbrow property Crime Unit have suggested expenses of highbrow property crime and piracy until the website shut down.

10 Best and Safe Putlocker Alternative Sites

Although Putlocker is underneath quite a few controversy, there are some alternatives you may choose from. Those alternatives are popular and confirmed safe to stream movies and TV shows. Are you prepared to move on a rabbit hollow when looking your favorite shows? Here is a listing of Putlocker alternatives for you to stream free movies online.

#1. 123Movies

123Movies is by far one of the most popular streaming platforms next to Putlocker. Chances are, you may have already encountered this website. 123Movies is almost similar to Putlocker in terms of capability. It allows safe and legitimate streaming online. Its green and white theme color combination is relaxing and calming to your eyes. 123Movies has a good reputation for providing convenience and safety with its streaming services.

The main menu has a simple and straightforward arrangement of movies. It also comes with easy-to-navigate buttons for searching and browsing movies. 123Movies has a repository of TV series, episodes, and anime, with a more diverse selection to choose from. It contains a collection of movies with different genres and criteria such as Latest Movies in Theatres, Recently Added Movies, Recently Added TV Series, Recently Added Anime Series, and Recently Added Asian Dramas to name a few.

Based on your recently watched movies, 123Movies provides recommendations for you to consider. Overall, it is a great all-in-one alternative to Putlocker for all your movie streaming needs.

#2. YesMovies

YesMovies is another great Putlocker alternative to get entertainment media for online streaming. It has over 9.000 HD TV shows, documentaries, movies, and series. The site has a diverse collection of media content to offer its viewers. YesMovies website has a modern and minimalist user interface. This makes it easier for viewers to browse and search for their favorite movies. One unique feature of YesMovies website is the ability to switch to dark mode.

YesMovies mostly offers the latest TV shows and movies for online streaming. Its search bar integration accepts alphanumeric characters for browsing any movie. It has numerous genres such as War, Animation, Thriller, Adventure and more.

This platform streams movies in a straightforward and simple process. You can access the streaming module in just one click on the movie title. The challenge is that you’ll need to overcome five to 10 pop-up ads before you can stream the movie. Though it may be a little annoying, the quality of movies is commendable. It is truly a great Putlocker alternative to consider.

#3. LosMovies

With a massive 2000-page movie library, Los Movies has a diverse catalog of TV shows, and movies of all genres. You can browse and search for TV shows by name. You can also explore which movies are popular at the moment. Although the site is in English, it has numerous subtitle selections in different languages. From Croatian and Japanese to Swedish, subtitles are readily available in different formats.

Los Movies has a simple and intuitive user interface convenient for browsing. You can filter your search results on the homepage by Featured, Release Date, Ratings, and Date Added. This site has one of the most comprehensive lists of genres. It will help you will discover a variety of shows and movies that you aren’t aware of.

The downside of Los Movies is it contains a lot of pop-ups. That said, it only takes you to misplace a single click and you’ll get bombarded with a lot of pop-ups opening to different kinds of suspicious websites. As a remedy, you can install a VPN before accessing the site. You can even install a dedicated pop-up blocker to prevent annoying sites.

In addition, you need to sign up on LosMovies website so you can stream any movie or TV show you like. You will only need an email address to register a new account on the site.

#4. WatchTVSeries

If you are more a fan of TV shows than movies, WatchTVSeries is the perfect alternative for you. The website has almost all the most watched TV shows and series from different popular TV channels. This includes Fox, HBO, CBS, History Channel, NBC, FX, BBC, and AMC. In addition, WatchTVSeries includes content from movie streaming giant, Netflix.

You can turn to the Newest Episodes category to stream the latest episodes of your favorite shows. WatchTVSeries has numerous sections to choose from such as Upcoming Episodes, New TV Shows, and TV Mini-Series.

WatchTVSeries user interface is sleek. It has organized groupings of episodes into seasons. This great platform ensures users will not get confused when accessing episodes.

Most TV shows and series on WatchTVSeries are available on HD. Each episode has two mirrors. Note that this free Putlocker alternative is best paired with an ad-blocker to enjoy smooth viewing.

#5. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is another powerful addition to the Putlocker alternative. With numerous TV series and movies in their collection, SolarMovie offers unlimited entertainment anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t only contain an impressive collection of movies. It also has a clean and polished user interface and design of the website. SolarMovies TV and movie genre section will assist you to easily find anything with convenience and ease.

One unique feature of SolarMovie is the country section. This section filters movies based on the country of origin. For example, if you want to watch KDrama, Asian, Indian, and European movies, you can browse movies through country names.

This free online movie streaming platform is commendable and users will not find any challenge in streaming their favorite TV shows, movies, and series. Unlike other free Putlocker alternatives, SolarMovie requires an email address to register for a new account.

All TV shows, series, and movie selections on SolarMovies are beautifully organized, featuring keywords, IMDb ratings, movie descriptions, and large cover art. Its website performance is impressive, easy to navigate, and highly responsive user interface which makes it a perfect Putlocker alternative. The site works perfectly on smartphones and computers.

#6. MegaShare

The collection of movies, shows, documentaries, and movies, as well as unique features, completely highlights why MegaShare is one of the best and powerful Putlocker alternatives. MegaShare has a diverse range of anime, TV and web series, TV shows, and movies. The website has almost all the movie browsing and searching functionalities integrated into other Putlocker alternatives.

You can search for any TV and movie title via alphabet, country name, release year, and IMDb Top Rated filters. In terms of browsing, MegaShare provides great features which makes the site a total package for movie and TV series aficionados.

MegaShare is labeled as one of the most straightforward and convenient free movie streaming Putlocker alternatives. Through MegaShare’s user-friendly interface and design, the website enjoys a massive fan base and has a comprehensive movie repository to offer its viewers. One doesn’t encounter any confusion or challenge when browsing and searching contents on the site.

Another highlighted feature of MegaShare is the inclusion of different subtitles ranging from different languages. In terms of contingency plans, MegaShare doesn’t rely on only one server but it has two to three servers for continuous streaming capabilities.

#7. FMovies

Another popular name in the best movie streaming sites and Putlocker alternative is FMovies. Similar to Putlocker, FMovies has a long history of offering numerous collections of movies, documentaries, TV shows, and series for online streaming. The website was launched and known to the public in 2016.

The website is not only a single website but it is an integration of websites that host embedded videos and links of web and TV series, movies, and shows, providing free online movie streaming services to viewers. FMovies is similar to other movie streaming platforms with numerous media content for viewers to browse, search, and stream.

FMovies has a dark and easy to navigate website integrated with a variety of tools to filter movie search results. It has a collection of movies, TV shows, and a series of different genres as well as movies from different countries of origin. The website has the biggest list of country movie collections.

FMovies regularly updates movie repositories and has the latest and newly released movies, making it one of the best online movie streaming sites available on the market. Since you are enjoying a free streaming platform, you might encounter a few pop-ups here and there before streaming your favorite movies.

#8. CMovies

When it comes to exploring alternatives to Putlocker, CMovies is the go-to website for all kinds of TV show fans and movie aficionados. It has a huge amount of great quality media content which makes it an equally good alternative to Putlocker available on the market. It comes with basic movie categorizations such as Top IMDb, TV Series, Country and others. CMovies combines all the newly released TV shows, movies, and full-length episodes of popular TV series in one central repository so you can browse, search, and stream online movies for free without any interruption.

CMovies website is neither impressive nor basic. It is mid-range when it comes to user interface and performance as it requires some improvements. The homepage doesn’t entirely mean it lacks content but it is a little congested. As a result, several movies are stuffed in one place which makes it a bit challenging for viewers to browse for their favorite TV shows and movies.

In terms of streaming quality, it is a good website, and viewers will not encounter any challenges or confusion when accessing the streaming panel of each movie. However, it might be a good integration to have a preview of the movie through images for convenience and ease of use.

#9. Movie4u

Just like Putlocker, Movie4U is a 100% free online movie streaming site where you can stream TV shows, documentaries, series, and movies from different periods and genres. Movie4U’s website has a simple, clean, easy to use, and straightforward user interface to browse and search for your favorite films and movies.

Viewers can browse according to Release Year and Genres, and Most Viewed located on the right-sidebar navigation for ease of use and convenience. There is also a dedicated search bar where you can input a movie title of your preferred media content. If you are interested to know IMDb movie rankings, Movie4U has a dedicated page containing Top IMDb listings.

#10. AZMovies

As the name indicates, you can easily identify that this free online streaming website is dedicated to delivering high-quality media content. It provides a wide range of movies from A to Z as the core meaning of its name. AZMovies contains a huge number of movies, TV series, shows, and web series ranging from 1948 to 2020. Viewers can browse on AZMovies for media content according to different genres.

The user interface of AZMovies provides you with a premium look-and-feel and it is clean and simple enough to make the viewer not be confused while browsing the site. The streaming performance is great. In terms of streaming pages, it has a clean and straightforward panel for streaming for each movie.

Final Thoughts on Putlocker Alternatives

If you are a long-time movie fan and binge-watcher, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. A good movie streaming platform is a must-have for you. Since Putlocker is already restricted or even shut down, it is important to find a perfect alternative that is not only legitimate but also provides free streaming of movies and TV shows in a safe and secure environment.

In this article, we’ve listed the best and safe Putlocker alternatives for you to choose from. If one site goes down, you still have a lot of choices to rely on. Are there any other Putlocker alternatives that you want to recommend? Have we missed anything in this article? Feel free to let us know!

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